The Sliver of Space Between Existing and Thriving

It was at this point that the rain stopped and once I reached the top of the hill, it was my turn to stop. There was no rainbow. It wasn't a scene an artist would pick out as being immediately striking. But the key was the palest blue and the sun was so bright that the glint of my watch face made me shut my eyes.

Poem: The Direction Lord

The Direction Lord The Direction Lord was a compass My compass (Right?) I should follow Direction Lord All the way to Amethyst Sun My new home   After all, he knows why my suns Shine, Rise And sing His specialty is when my scars need a Gauze of inescapable, Tight-fisted love   He made me… Continue reading Poem: The Direction Lord

Poem Three: Sunward Climber

Sunward Climber Hidden in Lake Erie Weak and weary A glitter pixie who sings Shakes her crinkle wings And says; ‘Down by the willow, deep like a pillow, Children cry for chivalry, oh so blissfully, And wait.” Pretty pixie was once a girly-wurly With no help in her flurry - Dust shimmers As she looks… Continue reading Poem Three: Sunward Climber

Poem One: The Juggler

The Juggler One step, two steps, tickly under there The old rhyme bounced around the cellar. The Juggler was hidden in the dust, watching - The mother of the house was a singer, you see. That was before her mouth was caught in an O Cheeks like cracked paint, eyes bloodshot with inky evil A… Continue reading Poem One: The Juggler