My First Conference & The Bank of Life

Hi guys, I hope you're all fantastically well and like the new blog art! Long time, no blog - But for me, this one was extremely meaningful for me to write. Very recently, I have been quite busy. I know I should say the reason for this is due to entering my final year of… Continue reading My First Conference & The Bank of Life

What We Were Born To Remember

Being sober in a crowd of drunk people is a challenge I mostly try to avoid. Generally, this has absolutely nothing to do with judgements and much more to do with an innate feeling of  being unsafe. When people are out, they are loud balls of quivering energy that jump and bounce from one body… Continue reading What We Were Born To Remember

Dreams, Ambitions and Shamelessly Hustling for Them

‚Äč Hello everyone,  It's Jen here with another mildly odd set of musings that occurred to me recently. I hope you enjoy;  There are an infinite number of seconds and minutes left in each of our lives. Whilst the time will come for all of us to die, we can't pinpoint the exact day and… Continue reading Dreams, Ambitions and Shamelessly Hustling for Them

The Wolf-Girl Finds Her Teeth

Introduction   Hello everyone, I hope you're all well - and I hope you have an open mind. Today's post is something I had to write. And I know I say that a lot. The Standford rape case has been in my mind since it was publicised. The victim's statement was one of the most… Continue reading The Wolf-Girl Finds Her Teeth

Shining In The Truth of Me

Hello everyone, Jen here after a small hiatus. Let's get right into it, as I've no idea of a smooth transition into this topic. There have been things, like everyone else, in my life which I have perceived as inherently negative experiences. These experiences are defined, in my mind, as negative, by the filing system… Continue reading Shining In The Truth of Me

Starry Night And Concert Experiences

Hello everyone, As always, Jen here. Let's get right into it; I have not always made decisions that have benefited me. This stretches from what I eat, to whom I talk to and of course, how positive I choose to be on any given day. And yet, regardless of these choices, I am a twenty-one… Continue reading Starry Night And Concert Experiences

I Am What Dreams Are Made Of

(Hello there! Welcome to my blog - I hope you'll stick around for the journey!) I Am What Dreams Are Made Of If I have learned anything this week, it is that there will not always be conveniently placed times to do what you want most in the world. I am a girl who used… Continue reading I Am What Dreams Are Made Of

A Meeting With My Teenage Self – The Before and After

(Hello chums! Welcome to my blog where I will take you along my journey on the publishing track with my YA novel, and all of the ramblings that come with it!) A Meeting With My Teenage Self - The Before and After There is something truly revealing about being someone who has come through a… Continue reading A Meeting With My Teenage Self – The Before and After

The Untouchable Realities of Self-Faith & My First Editor Meeting

(Hello chum! My name is Jennifer - an aspiring YA author on a huge learning curve! Follow me for ramblings and general observations.) My, my I have had a busy week! Indeed it is with strength that I allow myself to sit still with my own pain and fear, entirely focused on those two emotions… Continue reading The Untouchable Realities of Self-Faith & My First Editor Meeting

Poem One: The Juggler

The Juggler One step, two steps, tickly under there The old rhyme bounced around the cellar. The Juggler was hidden in the dust, watching - The mother of the house was a singer, you see. That was before her mouth was caught in an O Cheeks like cracked paint, eyes bloodshot with inky evil A… Continue reading Poem One: The Juggler