Unpublished Whispers #1 – Beating Your Chest

(This is the beginning of my new series, Unpublished Whispers, which  I'm going to start where I publish the snippets of books I've started and never finished, and likely never will. They will all be short and sweet, for the aim of expressing the main themes I adore writing I hope you enjoy!) Beating Your… Continue reading Unpublished Whispers #1 – Beating Your Chest

Branding My Skin With Fear – Literary Agents

Hey guys, I hope you're all well. As always, Jen here. In February, I started this blog to write solely about the writing journey as an aspiring author. I was planning on being consistent, succinct and honest. Instead, I evolved this blog to become something entirely different. Whether that choice was conscious or unconscious I… Continue reading Branding My Skin With Fear – Literary Agents

Poem Three: Sunward Climber

Sunward Climber Hidden in Lake Erie Weak and weary A glitter pixie who sings Shakes her crinkle wings And says; ‘Down by the willow, deep like a pillow, Children cry for chivalry, oh so blissfully, And wait.” Pretty pixie was once a girly-wurly With no help in her flurry - Dust shimmers As she looks… Continue reading Poem Three: Sunward Climber