Worry is The Treadmill of Emotions 

​Hi everyone,  Jen here.  I struggle with how to word precisely what I wanted to talk about, yet I tried my best. So stick with me. In NUI Galway (where I am in my last year of college) there is a long corridor in one of the largest buildings, called the Concourse. Essentially, if you're… Continue reading Worry is The Treadmill of Emotions 

My First Conference & The Bank of Life

Hi guys, I hope you're all fantastically well and like the new blog art! Long time, no blog - But for me, this one was extremely meaningful for me to write. Very recently, I have been quite busy. I know I should say the reason for this is due to entering my final year of… Continue reading My First Conference & The Bank of Life

Dreams, Ambitions and Shamelessly Hustling for Them

​ Hello everyone,  It's Jen here with another mildly odd set of musings that occurred to me recently. I hope you enjoy;  There are an infinite number of seconds and minutes left in each of our lives. Whilst the time will come for all of us to die, we can't pinpoint the exact day and… Continue reading Dreams, Ambitions and Shamelessly Hustling for Them

Shining In The Truth of Me

Hello everyone, Jen here after a small hiatus. Let's get right into it, as I've no idea of a smooth transition into this topic. There have been things, like everyone else, in my life which I have perceived as inherently negative experiences. These experiences are defined, in my mind, as negative, by the filing system… Continue reading Shining In The Truth of Me

Starry Night And Concert Experiences

Hello everyone, As always, Jen here. Let's get right into it; I have not always made decisions that have benefited me. This stretches from what I eat, to whom I talk to and of course, how positive I choose to be on any given day. And yet, regardless of these choices, I am a twenty-one… Continue reading Starry Night And Concert Experiences

The Right to Leave the Herd – Standing Alone

(Hello guys! My name is Jen, and welcome to my mind!) Hello everyone, This is surprisingly hard for me to admit, (which in itself upsets me) but I didn't always like who I am. I mean that sentence in the most subjective manner possible as I have found that in my most solitary moments I… Continue reading The Right to Leave the Herd – Standing Alone

Poem: The Direction Lord

The Direction Lord The Direction Lord was a compass My compass (Right?) I should follow Direction Lord All the way to Amethyst Sun My new home   After all, he knows why my suns Shine, Rise And sing His specialty is when my scars need a Gauze of inescapable, Tight-fisted love   He made me… Continue reading Poem: The Direction Lord

I Am What Dreams Are Made Of

(Hello there! Welcome to my blog - I hope you'll stick around for the journey!) I Am What Dreams Are Made Of If I have learned anything this week, it is that there will not always be conveniently placed times to do what you want most in the world. I am a girl who used… Continue reading I Am What Dreams Are Made Of

Poem Three: Sunward Climber

Sunward Climber Hidden in Lake Erie Weak and weary A glitter pixie who sings Shakes her crinkle wings And says; ‘Down by the willow, deep like a pillow, Children cry for chivalry, oh so blissfully, And wait.” Pretty pixie was once a girly-wurly With no help in her flurry - Dust shimmers As she looks… Continue reading Poem Three: Sunward Climber