Jennifer here,
I am a twenty-one year old student who has finished her first YA Dystopian novel, and is working along the very exciting, but very intimidating publishing track! Step by step, word by word, I will document my journey as an author.

Feel free to follow my life’s journey for positivity, honesty and growth. Not mention the occasional poem!

#BornWithPride – Feminist extraordinaire.

Irish gal with a strong penchant for green tea.

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Jen x

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Jen!
    Just came across your story about doing college despite having a chronic disease and found myself thinking “SO TRUE!” throughout the entire article. As a 23 year-old woman also living with a chronic disease (lupus and rheumatoid arthritis), I can easily relate to all of the points you made–especially the way that it is incredibly difficult to maintain “normal” activities of a college student, such as making plans in the evening once you’re already dead tired, mustering the courage to walk across a big campus, and walking the fine line between telling everyone or not telling anyone about your disease. It was good to read that there was someone else out there who is going through all of the same things as I am; I’m American, now doing my PhD at Trinity College and have found ZERO support groups for people with autoimmune diseases in my local area. It’s always nice to feel that solidarity and know there is someone nearby who is pushing through it and managing to live a more or less norma college life.
    I see that your blog focuses on positivity and a healthy mind, body, spirit–and that’s one of the hardest parts for me in managing my own pains and pressures. I have been trying to focus on eating healthy as I can–limiting sugar, caffeine, dairy, and gluten, and because of the medications I am on now, I have given up alcohol completely. Do you focus on healthy eating as a way to try to combat your pain and tiredness? If so, have you found anything that works for you? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    Anyway, thanks for the article and keep staying strong and POSITIVE! Positivity is everything.

    Hope to hear from you!


    1. Also, I see now that all that came up as a “comment” 9′ your About section, so feel free to delete that and we can correspond via email! I thought that the comment form was a contact form -___-


    2. Hey Kelly! 🌞 Sorry for the delayed reply! College has been so busy. Thank you so much for your message. Literally, it made my day every time I reread it. I’m so happy to hear you’re managing a PhD – something I’ve always wanted to do. How are you finding Trinity? I know the amenities for students with disabilities is shocking altogether in Ireland. And believe it or not, this is the improved version!
      As far as diet goes, I went vegan for health reasons about six months ago just so see if it combated anything! And it’s honestly been so helpful! MT joints are far less inflamed and sore and I don’t get random colds etc anymore! I’d seriously recommended a wholefoods, plant based diet.

      Positivity is sometimes all we have – and it’s more than enough.

      Always here for you to talk to,

      Jen x


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