The Wonderful World of Self-Development

Hello friends,

Though my family think I am borderline ridiculous for this, I am always studying something new. I remember as my friends and I approached the graduation for our Bachelor’s Degrees in 2017, many expressed a joy at having finally reached the ‘end’ of their education career, citing exhaustion at having taken part in the education system since the age of five. I felt differently, almost experiencing mourning at the loss of consistent, expected education. Of course, this didn’t last long as I quickly realised that studying is a form of joy for me, and began taking part in a Masters of Science. Having completed this in August of 2020, I intended to take some time of ‘just’ working. I promise, I did.

Well, by November of 2020 I was registers on a new Masters programme with UCC. This was a little different, however. Whereas all of my previous study had been centred around communication, languages and improving my writing skills, I was taking a risk this time and trusting that my passion of helping others to realise the potential within themselves would not lead me astray. I begin this MSc in Business and Personal Coaching on the 17th of December 2020 and since then, my Thursday evenings, some Fridays and many Saturdays have been taken up by this course. I consider none of this time a waste and all of it to have been a gift.

Essentially, I’m studying life coaching.

In doing so, I have come to understand the behavioural science and psychology behind reaching our desired potential – and just how we stand in our own way. And now, I am beginning some free coaching sessions, and am always interested in meeting new kinds people. If you would be interested in availing of free life coaching for help in any area of your life, feel free to contact me via the below information.

Write soon,

Jens x

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