For a Friend Who has Forgotten Their Magic

Hello friends,

This is a short but special post that is distinctly close to my heart. Forward this post on to anyone who you know of suffering or going through a challenging time right now. It may be the reminder they need that they are loved.

As you read this, I truly hope that you have that one friend. You know the one. The friend that deserves the world as they walk through life with a pure heart and good intentions. If you’re lucky, you have more than one. I count myself as infinitely fortunate as I often look to my friends, who are in many cases sisters to me.

However, one particular friend has been on my mind quite a bit lately. My worried thoughts haven’t been exactly helpful to anyone, lest of which my friend, but still they bounce from pondering to wondering incessantly. This friend is my oldest friend, someone who has known me through each and every awkward stage I’ve ever experienced. From our Groovy Chick and Atomic Kitten days to facing the Leaving Cert and the adult world with racing hearts, we have been together, arms around each other, holding the other up. Simply put: I love this friend very much and beyond words.

Lately, my friend has been going through an impossibly painful situation and I have found myself floundering, wondering how I can possibly help, or better yet, fix the situation entirely. I want nothing more than the make their entire world whole and healthy again with a single swish of a magic wand. More slowly than you might imagine, I have realised that I can’t fix this anymore than they were able to solve my past challenges.

Yet here is what I can do; I can remind them that they are magic to every life they touch. This is a shout of love into the void of pain, reminding you, my beloved friend, that to feel alone is but an illusion. You will never stand alone, you always have me. I will be your fortitude, your crutch and your cheerleader whenever the need arises. I cannot solve your problems, but I will ensure that you do not face them alone.

I know right now that things feel both dire and desperate. As our lives have been more or less mapped out for us from school to college to the working world, we have very rarely looked at each other and declared that we simply don’t know what to do. Yet, you’re looking at me now and my own worry is reflected in your face.

I won’t tell you to embrace this fear, this confusion at the pain you are facing. Nor will I remind you to stay positive, touting the law of attraction in your face. Instead, I will join you in this rainstorm, sit with you in the rain and together, we will stay warm and whole. Together, we will survive this.

You are not strong because of this situation, but strong in spite of it. To me, you are limitless in your capabilities. So, we will move forward and I will do my best to hold you upright, moving one step forward each day. Until, eventually, we leave the pain behind.

With the love of a lifetime spent together,

Jen x

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