Poem: The Direction Lord

The Direction Lord

The Direction Lord was a compass

My compass


I should follow Direction Lord

All the way to Amethyst Sun

  • My new home


After all, he knows why my suns



And sing

His specialty is when my scars need a

Gauze of inescapable,

Tight-fisted love


He made me his

Just when I decided to be mine

But fear not,

Because Direction Lord took care of

My neurons and built a jigsaw of


Woven in my brain


What force am I against such a man?

Why would I hold back?

From the Direction Lord of heartache

Why not hug the man who held my compass ransom

In his breast pocket?
The aim of my freedom was a little off

I will admit that much

The hilt of freedom was at an angle

Peeking from his chest

In silver blade glory

It screamed hello-there’s and how-could-

You’s simultaneously

Perhaps in his last moments he was

Laughing at my inability to



But how was I to know?

I wasn’t a Direction Lord.


  • All Rights Reserved @ Jennifer Poyntz


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