Poem Three: Sunward Climber

Sunward Climber

Hidden in Lake Erie
Weak and weary
A glitter pixie who sings
Shakes her crinkle wings
And says;

โ€˜Down by the willow, deep like a pillow,
Children cry for chivalry, oh so blissfully,
And wait.โ€

Pretty pixie was once a girly-wurly
With no help in her flurry –
Dust shimmers
As she looks to the sunโ€™s cinder
And says;

โ€˜Oh little child, rise and fly
Away from your battle cry,
You, sweetling, have a magic in you โ€“
Snares, spells and love affairs.
It all waits. โ€™

Pixie giggles, icy breath escapes
As she thinks of peopleโ€™s amorphous shapes,
Sunward she climbs,
With rosemary and thyme,
Away from civilians,
To a world of vermillion.

– Jennifer Oโ€™Connor

All Rights Reserved – Jennifer O’Connor

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